Tea alchemy underpins Chatime’s thinking – from the tea brewing methodology to the perfect ice-to-cup ratio, every nuance has been considered. Even our bubble tea tapioca balls are freshly made, on-site, each day.

Milk Tea

2021-Taichi Supreme milk Tea

Taichi Supreme Milk Tea

2021-Signature Milk Tea with Pearl

Signature Milk Tea with Pearl

2021-Signature Milk Tea

Signature Milk Tea

2021-Roasted Milk Tea

Roasted Milk Tea

2021-Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea

Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea

2021-Oolong Milk Tea

Oolong Milk Tea

2021-Jasmine Green Milk Tea

Jasmine Green Milk Tea

2021-Banana Milk Tea

Banana Milk Tea

2021-Thai Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea


2021-Milky Taro Delight

Milky Taro Delight

2021-Milky Chocolate Delight

Milky Chocolate Delight

2021-Milky Chocolate Delight

Milky Hazelnut Chocolate Delight


2021-Matcha Tea Latte

Matcha Tea Latte

2021-Tieguanyin Tea Latte

Tieguanyin Tea Latte

2021-Grass Jelly Latte

Grass Jelly Latte

2021-Brown Sugar Latte with Pearl

Brown Sugar Latte with Pearl

2021-Oolong Tea Latte

Oolong Tea Latte

2021-Roasted Milk Tea

Roasted Tea Latte

2021-Jasmine Green Milk Tea

Jasmine Green Tea Latte

2021-Black Tea Latte

Black Tea Latte


2021-Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

2021-Matcha Mousse

Matcha Mousse

2021-Tieguanyin Tea Mousse

Tieguanyin Tea Mousse

Fruity Tea

2021-Hawaiian Fruit tea

Hawaiian Fruit tea

2021-Mango Green Tea

Mango Green Tea

2021-Lychee Green Tea

Lychee Green Tea

2021-Yoghurt Green Tea

Yoghurt Green Tea

2021-Peach Green Tea

Peach Green Tea

2021-Peach Black Tea

Peach Black Tea

2021-Grapefruit Green Tea

Grapefruit Green/Black Tea

2021-Passion Fruit Green Tea

Passion Fruit Green/Black Tea

Juice Cooler

2021-Mango QQ

Mango QQ

2021-Passion Fruit QQ

Passion Fruit QQ

2021-Grapefruit QQ

Grpefruit QQ

2021-Lychee Yoghurt QQ

Lychee Yoghurt QQ

2021-Lemon Yoghurt Juice

Lemon Yoghurt Juice

2021-Mango Yoghurt Juice

Mango Yoghurt Juice

2021-Winter Melon Lemon Juice

Honey Lemon Juice

Forsty Smoothie

2021-Matcha Red Bean Smoothie

Matcha Red Bean Smoothie

2021-Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Banana Chocolate Smoothie

2021-Strawberry Au Lait

Strawberry Au Lait

2021-Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie

Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie

2021-Lemon Yoghurt Smoothie

Lemon Yoghurt Juice

2021-Passion Fruit Slush

Passion Fruit Slush

2021-Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

2021-Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Chocolate Smoothie

Brewed Tea

2021-Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

2021-Roasted Tea

Roasted Tea

2021-Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

2021-Black Tea

Black Tea

2021-Japanese Sakura Sencha

Japanese Sakura Sencha.

2021-Oriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty

2021-Japanese Genmaicha

Japanese Genmaicha



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Redefine The Benchmark Of Tea Industry:

We are a bunch of people that are passionate about tea and want to let the world know how a cup of “Good Tea” is made. With nearly 20 years of industry experiences, we have poured our heart and soul into every step of the way. Chatime Tea Lab is consisted of world top-notch tea experts with the vision of redefining the benchmark of world bubble tea industry.